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Quality Policy

TRANSORIENT LTD holds a prominent position in the market of international transport and logistics and targets the continuous improvement of its services by means of innovation, quality and flexibility.

TRANSORIENT’s quality policy is accomplished by organization and vertical integration of its structures and targets Customers Satisfaction Assurance through continuous provision of qualitative transport services, support and integrated logistics solutions that totally meet customers’ requirements.

Flexibility, speed of action, continuous quality improvement, customization of services according to clients’ needs, reliability, continuous support and ease of transactions compose the fundamental principles on which we commit to constantly improve our services. In order to achieve this, TRANSORIENT is investing in advanced logistics equipment and in a fully trained staff, establishing at the same time long-term relationships with high standard suppliers, while implementing the ISO 9001:2015 Quality System standards, fully harmonized with the company’s mission statement and quality objectives.

All of us, TRANSORIENT’s employees and management team, recognize the necessity of continuous improvement and express our commitment to the following quality objectives:

  • The implementation and continuous improvement of the ISO 9001:20015 Quality System standards, with the appropriate training and formation of our staff, adherence to the required procedures, the continuous monitoring of the Quality System and its periodic review and revision so that it follows the company’s dynamic development and reflect the evolution in the broader business Sector,
  • The continuous training of our personnel by conducting seminars and internal training, so as to ensure a high level of know-how and effective communication of its quality principles,
  • The review of quality objectives at planned intervals, so that they continuously are in line with the customers’ requirements and they contribute to improving the customers’ satisfaction, by taking remedial and/or preventive measures, by measuring and analyzing the data and the objectives, as well as by exploring the customers’ attitude and needs,
  • The assurance of direct pre- and post-sale customer support, as well as the provision of direct support through a wide variety of available and customizable products and services, by assigning a particular member of staff responsible for each customer, and through the company’s long-term experience in handling any issues related to the services offered in a direct and most expedient manner,
  • The assurance of indirect customer support, as this results from the research and development of new solutions, applications and services, the expansion of the partners’ network, the continuous internal support, as well as the determination of clear-cut strategic lines,
  • The appropriate handling of information and effective communication with a view to develop the anticipated image for the company, which inspires a feeling of security, stability and integrity to the customer.

We believe that all the above make a positive contribution to the image of our company in our respective market, while at the same time enhance satisfaction and loyalty for all of us who work for TRANSORIENT’s development and prosperity.

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